Gaming Online Without Sacrificing Security

GamersIf you’re a serious computer gamer, you know that a fast computer system, a high-speed connection to the Internet, and minimal interruptions are essential to a good gaming experience. When the need for speed is critical, you might be tempted to turn off your computer’s security software to avoid annoying security alerts or slowdowns caused by routine antivirus scans or updates to the software.

The problem with disabling your security software – even temporarily – is that it opens your computer up to malware, hackers, and other security threats. In fact, many cybercriminals specifically target gamers, especially game enthusiasts who play subscription-paid multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) like World of Warcraft or social networking games via Facebook. When you turn off your antivirus and firewall, not only is your computer vulnerable to virus attacks, you put your personal and financial information at risk.

Instead of making the choice between speed and security, you need security software that understands your unique needs as a gamer. That’s why our ZoneAlarm security products include “Game Mode” – so that you can have the benefits of online security without compromising the gaming experience.

Game Mode temporarily suppresses permission requests, security software scans, product updates and antivirus and firewall alerts so that you can play games on your computer with fewer interruptions. These scans, updates, and alerts are postponed until after you exit Game Mode – and you receive them in a single, cumulative update. Meanwhile, your antivirus scanner and firewall are still running, so your computer is protected from performance-draining malware.

Turning on Game Mode is as simple as a one-click window:
First, right-click on the ZA icon located in your systems tray, then click on Game Mode.

systems tray


In the short dialogue that follows, you can opt to either answer all alerts with “allow” or “deny”. For maximum security, click “deny”, which will automatically deny all permission requests; however, this may deny a necessary function of your game. Game mode turns off only when you close the Game Mode window or click the “Stop Game Mode” button.

Game mode window

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2 comments on “Gaming Online Without Sacrificing Security

  • Chester W. Woods says:

    If you are using Zone Alarm Firewall, and playing a game. Activate the “Game mode” of the firewall, right click at the icon of the zone alarm firewall at the bottom right of your desktop, and click “Game mode…”, a pop-up will come and click the “Answer all alerts with allow”. But don’t close that window, cause it will de-activate the Game mode. After your game, click the “stop game mode”.

  • Just a brief reply to the post about Game mode. I have found that playing a Game Like World of Warcraft or other blizzard games, you don’t have to sacrifice none of your security if you use the launcher to update the game and use the Wow.exe file to play the game.

    Works great with Wow and Zone Alarm Extreme!! (no sacrifice at all)
    Good Gaming all and have a Great day of secure Gaming.


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