Ad Targeting: Trusting Merchants, Social Media, and Mobile Providers with Personal Information

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Consumers are becoming more aware of how their information is being used online, particularly when it comes to ad targeting. Interestingly, recent studies show that consumers are more comfortable with certain businesses, such as grocery stores, using their information than others, such as Google. Why are consumers more distrustful of certain ad targeting? Read on to find out.

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7 thoughts on “Ad Targeting: Trusting Merchants, Social Media, and Mobile Providers with Personal Information

  1. Ads are sometimes annoying, I blocked pop up adds and bars in order to limit the amount of adds, what worry me the most is the private information, address, numbers etc. I do not type credit card or other numbers in my PC because of lack of trust.

  2. No tracking under any circumstances. Sites I visit are my business, no one else’s. I visit various sites to get product info and/pricing, not to invite badgering with subsequent advertising by the site itself and those to whom they sell my identity.

  3. frankly the amount of times social and other networks ask for personal info is astounding….

    worst part is Dodge games where they want all your info…

    or especially things like (who are your facebook peepers/fans apps)

    where it is usually a virus and will post the “see this shocking video !” etc on your wall if you click them

  4. Consistent advertising from various websites that I have been dealing with over the years begin to “Jump-in” on my PC as I am working with non related concerns. This is extremely annoying and I feel intrusive adding on to the time intensive items I am dealing with. Very disturbing!

  5. Unfortunately, you don’t list Yahoo!..I gave them the number of my “throw away” cell phone so they could text me my log in info if I was unable to access my account and within a couple of days was receiving phishing/spam calls from all kinds of official sounding places..The calls stopped when I wrote Yahoo! a very nasty “feedback” email….Coincidence?..Maybe but it smelled just the same.

  6. I am more comfortable with the NSA reading my email than with Google. I may not completely trust the NSA, but at least they won’t sell me out to the highest bidder, like Google has obviously done. Google’s ad targeting is creepy and insulting.

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