If You’re a Parent, You Need Parental Controls. Here’s Why.

Teens are online.

The internet is an amazing resource for children, really it is. It’s filled with valuable information and sources of inspiration. There are dozens of DIY tutorials on how to decorate notebooks and hundreds of no-bake recipes for kids who want to make treats without turning on the oven. There are also websites that can seriously help your kid with geography projects, science fairs, literature homework and more.

Unfortunately, for all the great websites that the internet has to offer, there are also lots of bad ones too. There are pornography sites and gambling sites, sites that encourage eating disorders and promote drug use.

In additional to these hazards, there are cyber criminals who are looking to swindle people of any age, and cyberbullies who may troll strangers and acquaintance alike, making the lives of young people a nightmare.

In the face of all these cyber dangers, it’s good to know that there are tools designed to help parents cope with these dangers. Tools such as Parental Controls, which make it possible for parents to protect their children, even when they aren’t physically present. Parental Controls such as those that come with ZoneAlarm Extreme Security have a number of critical functions that enable you to block inappropriate content, monitor where your kids are surfing, set specific times of day when your kids can use the Internet, and more.

Here’s why these controls are so important:

1. Kids today are online. It’s a fact. 

That’s a fact. Studies by British market research group Childwise show that children aged five to 16 spend an average of 6.5 hours every day in front of a screen. This includes watching online programs, surfing the internet, and using smartphones. If your children were in the water 6.5 hours every day, you would certainly make sure that a lifeguard was present, right? But just as you can’t personally supervise a child in the water for that many hours a day, you can’t possible watch what they are doing online for so many hours.

Parental Controls supervise for you, by blocking sites that are inappropriate and alerting you if your child wants permission to visit a website that is blocked.


2. Kids are making friends online.

According to recent research from Pew Research Center, 57% of teens have met new friends online. The most common way of doing this is through social media and online games. In many cases, these friendships are positive, as they enable young people to meet others with similar interests. Unfortunately, meeting people online can also be dangerous, as adults may pose as children in order to lure youngsters into forming friendships based on falsehoods.

Parental Controls enable you to monitor your children’s online social interactions and keep track of the conversations they are having online.


3. Not everyone on the internet is who they claim to be. 

There’s a term for people who pretend to be someone they aren’t on the internet. That term is catfishing, and it’s a real thing. There have been documentaries and reality TV shows about being catfished, and there’s nothing entertaining about it. Catfishing can happen to anyone, anytime. People can pretend to be anyone they want on the internet by using fake voices, fake photos and more.

Protect your kids online by monitoring their social media exchanges. You may be able to pick up on suspicious emails or messages that your children can’t detect.


4. Parents can’t be everywhere, all the time.

But of course, you already knew that. And you certainly can’t monitor all of your children’s online activities. That’s why Parental Controls are so important. They monitor your children’s online activities, alert you of unsafe activities, and can limit the amount of time your children spend online.

By helping you keep track of what your children are doing on the internet, Parental Controls free you up to do other things. And we’re sure you have plenty of them!


What’s your biggest worry relating to your kids and the internet?

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