PCMag: ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware ‘a Clear Winner’

Ransomware has been all over the news recently, as a spate of attacks by cyber criminals have been carried out the world over. It does not try to destroy your computer, but rather targets the files and locks your data. The cyber criminals then hold the files to ransom, demanding that you pay to access them again. If there is no payment, the price of the ransom could rise or the hackers could destroy your files. Read more…

The Latest Hack on Gmail Users – Secure Yourself Now!

If you have a Gmail account, beware of the most recent phishing scam that targeted roughly 1 billion Gmail users worldwide. This new scam compromises your email account and can give hackers complete access and control of your Gmail account and to all of your personal details and information.


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How to Ensure you are Safe from Tax Season Scams

Tax FraudEvery tax season, scammers are notorious for trying to trick taxpayers into giving over their financial and sensitive information. These types of tax scams earn criminals billions of dollars every year. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) estimates that they paid out $3.1 billion in fake refunds in 2014. That is $3.1 million worth of tax returns that went to tax scammers instead of the correct people due to fraudulent tax scams.

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How to Secure your Smart Home Devices

Secure Smart Home DevicesSmart home devices put you at all kinds of risk. Your house can spy on you, your devices can listen to you and they can even identify when you aren’t at home. The connectivity and convenience these devices are built with have advantages and disadvantages. You don’t have to stay at risk; you can boost your security and stay safe from hackers instead!

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Keep your Social Media Accounts Safe from Hackers

Social Media SecurityWith hackers being able to gain more access to our personal details, it’s about time to make sure we protect the information we put online about ourselves and share with the world. Increasing your social media privacy will undoubtedly make you less vulnerable to hackers. When you access your social media account, look in the security or privacy tabs  to change your settings. When in doubt, click through all the various tabs in the preferences pages for your account and adjust security settings.

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