The Biggest Cyber Attack yet – WannaCry

WannaCry Hacker

So What is WannaCry?

Last Friday there was a global cyberattack that affected 150 countries called WannaCry, also known as Wanna Decryptor and “wcry”. WannaCry is a Ransomware attack that extorts innocent PC users by encrypting their files and demanding a ransom in bitcoin to release them.

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How to Secure your Smart Home Devices

Secure Smart Home DevicesSmart home devices put you at all kinds of risk. Your house can spy on you, your devices can listen to you and they can even identify when you aren’t at home. The connectivity and convenience these devices are built with have advantages and disadvantages. You don’t have to stay at risk; you can boost your security and stay safe from hackers instead!

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Is your Webcam Spying on you?

Webcam securityHow many devices do you have with cameras around the house? You probably have some laptops, a few cell phones, perhaps a baby monitor, and maybe even a home surveillance system. Even though cameras are meant to enhance our devices capabilities, in reality they are putting us in danger.  Cybercriminals are able to hack into these cameras to steal our personal information and spy on us.


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6 Tips to Protect you from Identity Theft

Approximately 15 million residents of the United States are victims of identity theft per year. It’s important to protect yourself by taking certain precautions to ensure your data isn’t vulnerable to hackers. These 6 recommendations will ensure you’re protected against your personal information being stolen, and ensure you’re not a victim of identity theft!

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5 Cyber Security Threats to be Aware of in 2017

This year is coming to a close and we should prepare to protect ourselves from the innovative and imminent cyber threats of 2017. Being aware will keep you ahead of the game and ensure you’re secure and protected against all the latest threats. Learn more about some of the biggest cyber threats to look out for in the upcoming year.

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