14 Simple Steps for Writing Rock-Solid Passwords

Because your privacy is only as safe as your weakest password. Ok, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but let’s face it. The strength of your passwords is important. If it wasn’t, why would so many people be … Continue reading

What the Heck are Zero-Day Attacks? (And 3 Ways to Avoid Them)

If you look for the term zero-day attack in your home dictionary, you probably won’t find it. Go ahead and check…I’ll wait. You might not even find the term in some online dictionaries (though to be fair, it does appear … Continue reading

9 Ways to Avoid Online Shopping Traps (Just in Time for Mother’s Day)

  So it’s a week or so before Mother’s Day and you’re thinking about what to get for your mom. Buy her a book on Amazon? Send her a bouquet of flowers via an online florist? Buy tickets online for … Continue reading