The Man-In-The-Browser: It Hungers For Your Online Credentials


Imagine you’re trying to log into your online banking account. Rather than being directed to the page you’ve requested after entering in your User ID and password, an additional field appears and asks you to enter your debit card information, social security number, driver’s license, and other personal information. You check the URL of the website, and it’s verified to be from your bank.

If you entered in your personal information, you’ve likely become a victim of a man-in the-browser attack. And it only gets more problematic from here. In this case your PC, not the bank’s website, has been compromised by malware.
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6 Ways to Secure Your Web Browser


Which is the most secure Web browser? Google Chrome? Mozilla Firefox? Microsoft’s Internet Explorer? It’s a simple question—but the answer is a bit complicated.

In a Fall 2013 poll, security-conscious browser users overwhelmingly voted Firefox as the most secure. But during the annual Pwn2own hacking contest in March 2014, Firefox was exploited four times with zero-day attacks, making it one of the least secure browsers.
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ZoneAlarm Enhanced Browser Protection: Stop Threats Before They Reach Your Browser

Enhanced Browser Protection header

The Internet is plagued with a magnitude of threats that can cause serious damage to your PC. Simply surfing the web and visiting websites make you vulnerable and put you at risk of an attack. While having an antivirus is a good step towards protecting your PC, having security that can stop threats cold in their tracks, even before they reach your browser, is a huge advantage.
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Do You Know Where Your Laptop Is?

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Did you know that a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds, and 97% of lost or stolen laptops are never recovered?

What would you do if your laptop is lost or stolen?
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Introducing ZoneAlarm Advanced Real-Time Antivirus

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We’re excited to introduce you to ZoneAlarm Advanced Real-Time Antivirus, a new feature found in ZoneAlarm 2015 security suites*.

It’s recommended that your PC is equipped with, at a minimum, an antivirus, which prevents malware from infecting your PC, and a two-way firewall, which monitors traffic to-and-from your PC. However, with over 315,000 new threats being discovered every single day, it’s simply not practical for the antivirus software on your desktop to update at the same rate without taking a toll on your PC’s performance. With ZoneAlarm Advanced Real-Time Antivirus, you’re protected from the latest Web threats even when the antivirus on your desktop has not yet been updated with the latest signatures.
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