7 Ways to Stay Secure This New Year

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The New Year means a fresh start for many people. For some, their attempt at this new journey begins by creating a list of resolutions.

As time progresses, many people find that some items on their New Year’s resolution lists get pushed back or even ignored. While it might be acceptable to postpone certain items on your list, security is definitely something you cannot afford to put on the backburner. If you neglect your security, it could lead you down the path of a not-so happy year.
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Security Resolutions for the New Year

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Another new year means new resolutions! And while we’re not going to push you to exercise more, we do want to encourage you to be more secure when you’re online. So to start 2014 on the right note, we’ve compiled a list of security resolutions you can regularly refer to, so you can stay safe online all year-round.
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