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Tune your PC for speed

Follow these best practices for keeping your machine running fast and clean.

Defragment your hard drive (easier than it sounds)

A slow computer can be a sign of an overly fragmented hard drive. Your computer may save parts of one file in different places on your hard, based on space available. Over time, the fragmentation builds up and can slow things down as you computer has to look in several different places to open a file.

Defragging improves performance by placing your files in adjoining blocks for fastest access. It's recommended to defragment once a week or at least once a month. If you have not defragged in a long time it could take a few hours to complete.

To clear disk space:
  • Go to Start / All Programs / Accessories.

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Maintain free disk space

You can experience a big slowdown when your hard drive has less than 10% free space. Remove old documents you no longer use and unused installation files and trial software still on your hard drive.
To clear disk space:
  • Open your Add or Remove Programs utility from the Windows Control Panel, and scroll through the list of programs to see what you can remove.
  • Panel, and scroll through the list of programs to see what you can remove.
  • Be careful not to remove anything labeled Update or Hotfix, as these are official Windows updates and fixes.

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Streamline your startup

Windows OS ships with various services that automatically load when you startup your computer. This can make your start time sluggish.

Check what services and applications start automatically and change startup setting to "manual" for those you don't need.

To change startup settings:
  • Go to Start / Control Panel, and then go to Administrative Tools / Services. Right-click items and select Properties.
  • Be careful not to change the startup setting of any services that are used by the network or applications you need.

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Performance and Protection

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