The Impact of Mobile Devices on Information Security

Mobile platforms with greatest security risk
Mobile devices are a cause of concern for organizations. Sensitive corporate information can be transported and lost via iPhones and Androids, and the BYOD movement has increased the number of expensive security incidents. Here, we take a look at the impact of mobile devices on information security.
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Spring Clean Your Electronics By Upgrading, Updating, and Deleting Software

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With the weather warming up, it’s time for spring cleaning. Not just the closets, not the house, or the backyard, but all the computers and mobile devices can benefit from some TLC. Boost the security defenses, upgrade software, and make sure the data is protected.
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Google Glass: A Privacy Concern?

Google Glass
Perhaps you’ve seen them already—people walking around with glasses that don’t resemble eyeglasses, with a tiny little box on one side. While they may look funny and awkward, many people are very nervous about what Google Glass means for your privacy.
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Keep What Happens in Vegas in Vegas

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As summer rapidly approaches, so comes a time of the year when the mice will play: getaways to the pool and beach, places to let your hair down – but not your guard!
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How Secure is Information on Your PC?

how secure is information on your pc 404

What personal documents and files do you risk losing or having exposed in the event your computer is stolen, compromised by an online attacker, or it falls into the wrong hands? You can avoid the pain of having to recover from the disaster of exposed information by simply locking up the files and folders you have on your PC.
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