People, as i am new to this forum and ZAPhere goes....

Ok, i am running a linksys bsfr41 and four puters on a home network connected to net with dsl westell modem. im am running the internal network with the netbeui protocol with file and print sharing bound to it. tcp/ip is up, but file and print sharing is not bound to it. netbios is disabled in all protocols.

bought Zap, entered the key into my router and installed zap on all 4 puters. all seemingly works fine.

1.) it is necessary to enter the verizon dns servers to the trusted zone (on my puter and to the setups of the other 3?)

2.) i am trying to add an expert filter to block AOL and AIM on two puters with internal addys of, i set up the expert filter on my puter giving source as those two addys, destination as the AOL addys with port 5190 blocked and set to the specific time of 11:00am-5:00pm, monday thru friday.

i have tried the same in "programs tab" using the specific programs AOL and AIM. blocking from there.

Note... i did the above on my puter. the filters seemed to have no effect at all in blocking AOL or AIM on the two above metioned puters.

i then wetn to the individual puters and made filters in much the same way but using "my Computer" as the source and still no sucess.

can anyone provide help, suggestions?


Operating System:Windows 98-SE (Second Edition)
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:4.0