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Thread: Outlook 2003

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    queue Guest

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    I had already tried that. I went through and found all previous suggestions before I originally posted. The suggestions were to add the DNSs to the trusted zone and make sure the application had the necessary rights. There was also some indication of a certail DLL component that should also have rights, but the DLL doesn't exist with the version of Outlook that I have. The suggest was for an older version, but I checked all the similiar DLLs that the newer version does include and I think they're all there and they all definately have trusted rights.Queue

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    burtreido Guest

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    I had the same problem and have worked out the solution. If you have anti-virus software running that checks your email for viruses then you need to turn off the ZoneLabs email checker. Go into Zone Labs click on the email protection tab and disable the basic mail safe program. As soon as this is done it should work fine.

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    mluff Guest

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    I seem to have the same problem (ZA security suite 6.1.7, Windows XP Pro SP2 and Outlook 2003)- and also tried most of the same fixes suggested (like deleting the logfiles, checking permissions for Outlook and adding the DNS and mail servers to the trusted zone - all to no long term avail). Interestingly, if I launch outlook as soon as the icon appears whilst Windows is still getting booted up and ZA getting sorted out then it seemt to collect the POP3 mail - and contiunes to for that session so long as I don't close it down and re-start). I can only add my voice to those requesting a fix from the ZA folk - soon please!


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    andrewmilne Guest

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    I have found a winner for me. Using ZAP 6.0.677, Outlook 2003 and Norton AV 2005.The hitch was in the permissions for Norton AV User Session - CCApp.exeYou must add your mail server into your trusted zone, as previously suggested, but on its own, it is insufficient as the default security setting for CCApp is to block everything, including access to trusted sites. All that is required is to allow access to Trusted for CCApp (Symantex User Session)under the Program control tab and you are away. Should also remain reasonably secure as you retain control of what CCApp can access (through trusted sites list).You can also leave on the email protection in ZAP - it wont affect operation/access of Outlook.Hope this helps

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    ubose Guest

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    I just installed Free Zonealarm on my computer that has WindowsXP SP2. Outlook 2002 stopped connecting to my employer's Exchange server. I have to shutdown ZA to get Outlook to connect. I am, of course, absolutely new to ZA. I went to the Program Control/ Programs page and do see Outlook listed. However, I see only two columns - Access and Server - besides the Programs column. I do not see any other columns, such as the Send E-mail column, as described in the Help in ZA.

    I read in this forum that I should try adding the DNS to the trusted zone. How do I find the DNS or hostname of the Exchange server?

    All help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    ubose Guest

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    I want to add another symptom. When I right-click on any program in the Program Control/ Programs list, I get only the options to Remove or Add Program. According to the Help section of ZA, I should be seeing more options, but i don't. How come? Thanks.

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    bruce_patterson Guest

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    I have the problem now.
    I didn't have the problem yesterday.
    What changed?
    I upgraded outlook 2003 to sp2 and added all the security patches plus the converter to read Office 2007 files. Now I have to shut down ZA to send and receive email.
    I was told by someone using the McAffee firewall that they deleted Outlook from their program list and then added it back.
    Said that adds the new version in.

    Well I deleted it,
    and tried to add it back but it doesn't show up on the list. This is totally nuts.
    I sent an email to tech support. They are closed on Sat/Sun.
    I got a robot response saying they will respond within 2 to 3 business days.

    I'm seiously considering changing software.
    What do you think?

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    queue Guest

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    Sounds like SP2 is the issue. Maybe reinstall Outlook without that service pack. Of course in the long run, this is not really a viable solution. I never did solve it, but I'm in a situation where I don't use Outlook on the computer that I have ZoneAlarm installed on. I only do webmail on that computer. I'll be upgrading to Office 2007 soon and I'll find out if the issue exists there as well. Although I will also be upgrading to Vista and I haven't checked to see if ZoneAlarm supports that properly.

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