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    scoobydoo_ark Guest

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    When I try to use my msn messenger after, i installed my new zone alarm suite, and it doesn't let you sign in. When you enter in your password, it says in the bottom right hand corner how many e-mails you have gotten, but the wee icon is still spinning, and it says you are still signin in.any suggestions??cheers allark

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    heatseeker Guest

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    Hi Ark,I don't have any relief for you because I am experiencing a similar problem. I haven't been able to log into MSN Messenger for the past three days. I either get a 'Unable to open requested page' or the 'Retry, Cancel, Help' screen saying the service I'm trying to reach may be experiencing problems or I may not be connected to the Internet or maybe I typed my password wrong. The last two don't apply because I can still access the net and I have the login set to remember my password. I also can't get into the Passport .NET help site or the MSN Messenger download page. I uninstalled MSN Messenger 7 on Friday and was going to re-install it thinking it might solve the problem. I had to get a copy from but it didn't help. I have a second pc on a wireless network and that pc won't log in using a separate email and password which would suggest a problem with the MSN site but my girlfriend who lives about 10 miles from me has no problem. My girlfriend was able to find a link which worked to a MS Help site but none of the tips have worked. I'm at a loss. I think this all started after I downloaded the most recent version of Zonelabs about three or four days ago. I hope someone has some suggestions on this forum.

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    webwoman Guest

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    HiyahI had the same problem and this is how I solved it, and it worked. I hope it works for you. I completely signed out of MSN Messenger 7.5, erased all cookies, files, offline content and history in Internet Options. I went into ZA and gave MSN Messenger " Trusted " Status and " Allowed "everything. Then I ran a " Scan Disk " from " My Computer " and of course rebooted after that. I then got on line, put on MSN Messenger, and was able to sign in and use it. I do not know what caused the issue, but what I did, did solve my problem may not help you. but it did me...hope this helps.Webwoman

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    albatrozz Guest

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    Here's what worked for me:

    1) Close MSN Messenger and any related/"dependant" programs (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc).
    2) Open Zone Alarm and click on the Programs tab
    3) Find the MSN Messenger entry, right click on it, and select "Remove"
    4) Restart MSN Messenger
    5) Check "Remember this choice" and select "Allow" for each ZA popup to give MSN Messenger access
    6) Login

    I had given MSN Messenger complete access, but for some reason it didn't work until I performed the above steps. This also worked for GMail notifier and FireFox, although I have no idea why. I'm starting to wish I had stuck with Norton Personal Firewall, but I can't figure out how to install it without the AV, and it's a resource hog. OTOH, ZA just popped up a request as I was typing just now, and apparently took focus, so when I hit the spacebar it selected whatever was defaulted, and I have no way of knowing **bleep** it was asking.

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    rampagingbeaver Guest

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    this solution worked like a charm!

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