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Thread: Outlook Express shuts down for no reason

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    sungirlie Guest

    Default Outlook Express shuts down for no reason

    I'm wondering is anyone else is or has been experiencing this problem. I installed Zone Alarm Security Suite about 4 days ago - uninstalled Zone Alarm Pro, which I've been using ever since it came out. Uninstalled Norton so there would no conflict with the anti-virus monitoring. Have given permissions (as needed)for program access - I'm pretty familiar with Zone Alarm as I've been using it ever since it first came out. The problem is this: I will be in the middle of typing an email and for no reason, Outlook Express (no snickering) totally shuts down without a "by your leave or Mother, may I." When I reopen Outlook, it states (of course) that it did not shut down properly. I click to read the last message and then ZA starts a scan and everything appears to be back to normal. This has happened approximately 6 times in the last few days and it is frustrating, to say the least. It is very sporadic and I have no warning that it is going to happen. My computer is also running much slower than before. Any solutions or recommendations from the experts would be much appreciated! Thanks ~

    Windows XP Pro
    Zone Alarm Version 6.1.737.00

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Express shuts down for no reason

    Hi sungirlie
    There is a chance that a resetting of your data base may solve the problem. I know you'll loose all your customizations and need to start building a fresh data base but I think it worths to try. Instructions:
    By the way I'm no expert or pro and I doubt you find one in this forum. Just people that learn with each other and share knowlege and try to help others.
    If that doesn't solve the problem post back and will see.
    Good luck and my best regards

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    sungirlie Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Express shuts down for no reason

    Thank you, Ad-Hock, for taking the time to reply - I appreciate it very much. I will take your advice and try what you've suggested. Having read many of your posts, you are a very helpful person and are very good at directing and making suggestions to the rest of us. My own experience has been "trial and error" as well, which just seems to be the way with all computer programs these days :-) Thank you and I will get back to you.

    Best regards ~


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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Express shuts down for no reason

    Hi sungirlie
    It's me who thanks you for your kind words. Your philosophy about dealing with computers is absolutely correct provided we are aware of irreversible damages as is the registry case where there is no place for undo. I hope what I suggested solves your problem and if not feel free to post again and we will try something else until finding the solution.
    My best regards

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