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Thread: Help me please! [Solved] Upgraded to ZA Suite

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    mandymcdonald Guest

    Smile Help me please! [Solved] Upgraded to ZA Suite

    i think i may have been very stupid. I have just bought Zone Alarm Pro. When I clicked the antivirus tab it showed I had no anti virus protection so I bought Zone alarm antivirus and downloaded that. Now when I start the setup files for the antivirus i get this message -

    Warning! The product you are installing Zone Alarm ani virus is a downgrade from Zone alarm pro that is currently installed on your computer. By installing ZA antivirus you will lose product functionaltity.

    Have I been really stupid? what will I do?

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    billc Guest

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    You can't have both Zone Alarm with Antivirus & Zone Alarm Pro installed at the same time. If you want them both, you need Zone Alarm Security Suite. I think you can get your problem solved by contacting Zone Labs Customer Support (here) . I can't speak for Zone Labs but my guess is they let you exchange the two programs you bought for ZASS. Give them a day or so to respond to your mail.

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    feistyfortynine Guest

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    Mandy, I did the exact thing you did! In my usual rush to "just do it," just a week ago I bought Zone Alarm Pro thinking it was anti-virus, firewall, anti-spyware. (Stupid not to read what I was buying I know, but I had just fixed some MAJOR problemswith my computer caused by Nortonand had no protection against anything.) Within a few minutes I realized what I had done so purchased the entire ZA Security Suite; got the same error messages you did. Ok..... long story short is ZA will refund money. Email ZA (can be done from itsweb site) andtell them what you did. They will get back to you within 2 business days and tell you what to do to get a refund. My purchase-in-error was done on the 18th; ZA responded to my inquiry on the 19th. I had to snail mail a refund form (supplied by them via email) to them because I have no fax. On the 23rd, ZA emailed me to say my refund was being processed. Very easy. Good luck!

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    mandymcdonald Guest

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    Thanks for the help folks. Emailed them and got a very wuick response. I will be refunded for the ZApro and The ZA anitvirus. I now have the ZA suite!

    Thanks again

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