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    cjwil Guest

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    I orginally created a password and now want to clear it. Can anyone tell me how to clear mine.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    cjwil Guest

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    No, I didn't forget, I just want to eliminate

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    Oh sorry I got it wrong. Go to Overview > Preferences and click "Set Password..." Type in your old password, and leave the two entries below blank. Then click OK.

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    akchu Guest

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    This may sound strange, but I was on my dad's computer looking for hotel reservations at the Hampton Inn, using Netscape 7.2, finished surfing, and shutdown. The next morning, he tried to get an update from Zone Labs, but the Content Advisor said that he was not allowed to view the updates page, and the hint for the password was "hampton Inn". Prior to my surfing session, he was able to get updates without a password, but after my session he was not. I am certain that I did not set any passwords using "hampton Inn" as a hint. We are running Windows ME.

    Will the method you posted work to clear the password for the Content Advisor? Any ideas why this happened?


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    There is not password hint feature in ZoneAlarm... What version and productare you using?

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    cjwil Guest

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    Thanks, it worked fine

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    <BLOCKQUOTE><HR>cjwil wrote:
    Thanks, it worked fine

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