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Thread: Does ZAP 6/SmartDefense really reduce access popups?

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    macq Guest

    Default Does ZAP 6/SmartDefense really reduce access popups?

    I've been using NPF and it's fine for me but I'm setting up a home network. The others in my family are not technically aware and I'm sure they'll be confused by all the popups it asks regarding program access. After a few "Program X is trying to access - is this OK?" type questions they'll just always say 'yes' - defeating the purpose. It's that old "boy who cried wolf" kind of thing.I saw ZAP 6 might avoid lots of popups with the SmartDefense feature. Seems like it could keep a huge database of programs known to be safe (with matching hashes or such). This could result in only seeing popups that really need attention. If that's the case, I could easily tell my family to get me if they ever see one. Obviously, I don't want to run to their computers if they'll be seeing lots of them.So, can anyone tell me whether I'll be seeing lots of popups? Ordoes ZAP still go through a "learning phase" with lots of interaction? Thanks in advance.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    magical_trevor Guest

    Default Re: Does ZAP 6/SmartDefense really reduce access popups?

    Hi MacQ,Welcome to the Zone Alarm Forums, my name is Tony.For me personally, yes I have found that it does reduce alot of pop ups asking weather to allow software to access the internet, and for me its a huge time saver.

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