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Thread: IE (6.029) access permissions keep getting reset.

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    jsguero Guest

    Default IE (6.029) access permissions keep getting reset.

    I am running an XP pro (sp2) PC, utilizing Firefox 1.5 and IE 6.029 (fully updated both, w/encryption). I have the ZoneAlarm Pro, version:6.1.737.000, also fully updated. My difficulty to which I am seeking assistance is as follows:

    I use Firefox, my wife and boy use IE because they don't like Firefox. I have my son locked (poledit) into utilizing only the IE for web surfing, and only when my wife or I enter the appropriate password into the ZA to let it out. The difficulty is that once we enter the password to let IE have access, careful to DEselect the "remember/always use this response" box, my firewall most of the time changes the trust/access/server levels to "allow" (program control/programs), vice "ask". The result of course, is unfettered access to the internet.

    I would say that I have done/checked all the obvious things, except, undoubtedly, it is one of those oh-so-obvious things that I am probably missing.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you kindly for your time.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: IE (6.029) access permissions keep getting reset.

    If you change the 'access' permission back to 'ask' having granted it access, you will need to shutdown ZAP and then open it again for the setting to be recognized. Right click on the ZA icon in your system tray, select 'shutdown Zone Alarm Pro', wait a minute, then open ZAP again from your shortcut or 'All Programs' menu. At this point it should have 'ask' as you want. Once any program is granted 'access' during a 'session', it will always have 'access' for that session. Here a 'session' is the time between closing and opening ZAP or a computer reboot.

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    jsguero Guest

    Default Re: IE (6.029) access permissions keep getting reset.

    When I tell it to allow access w/OUT checking the "remember this setting/answer" block,it is NOTchanging the access in the program control peremanently, It is still listed as "ask", yet when I log into the boys acct, it accesses without a challenge from the ZAP. Herein is my difficulty.

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    gerard_konijn Guest

    Default Re: IE (6.029) access permissions keep getting reset.

    Probably your database is corrupted, try this to fix this problem.Uncheck load ZoneAlarm ( Pro ) at startup in the overview tab.Reboot your system into Safe Mode. Your OS determines the method, but normally pressing F8 at the beep, or holding the control key during bootup, will work. For more information on rebooting in Safe Mode, click Start, then Help. Click the Search tab, and type in "Safe Mode". Double- click "Start Windows in Safe Mode" for the instructions. Open the Internet Logs directory (in 9x/ME this will be "c:\windows\internet logs", in NT/2000 it will be c:\winnt\internet logs, in Windows XP it could be either of these folders). Delete all files that have the extension .RDB, .LDB, or TMP. Empty your Recycle Bin. Reboot and start Zone Labs Security manually. Check load ZoneAlarm ( Pro )at startup in the overview tab.You losethe settings thatyou havehademade in ZoneAlarm ( Pro )but that's not a problem. I think they are corrupted anyway.Best regards/Vriendelijke groeten. Gerard Konijn. Tilburg. The Netherlands.

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