the current version of ZA causes a reboot of XP when I connect my
RCA Lyra rd2780 to the USB cable, which is connected to the UBS port.

I had not downloaded any media to my Lyra for about 6 months, so I found it
strange why this was happening now.

I replaced my current HD with a backup HD dated 2005,07,18
connected the Lyra to the USB cable. and everthing was working again.
XP recognizes the drive instantly, in explorer.

I then updated the backup HD version of ZA to the current version
(zaSuiteSetup_61_737_000_en.exe) waited for the reboot, connected the lyra,
XP reboots everytime it gets to the "welcome" screen.
and continues to do so, until the Lyra is disconnected.

I then tried the following:

1. turned of ZA in the task bar, (causes rebooting of XP)
2. turned of ZA within the program itself, (cause rebooting of XP)
3. uninstalled ZA, (solved the rebooting problem)
4. plugging in the Lyra before booting, with ZA installed (causes rebooting of XP)
5. plugging in the Lyra after XP is running, with ZA installed (causes rebooting of XP)

the RCA Lyra rd2780 contains a 20 gig fat32 formatted HD