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Thread: Zonealarm McAfee virus checker

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    vtuberg Guest

    Default Zonealarm McAfee virus checker

    I have McAfee Virus, but ZoneAlarm fails to recognize it

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    unhappy_viewer Guest

    Default Re: Zonealarm McAfee virus checker

    If you are using McAfee 10, the current ZA version are unable to detect it yet because McAfee 10 came out only a few days before ZA v6.0 was released. So there wasn't any time for ZL to add detection of McAfee 10 to ZA v6.0 or v6.1. it will probably be added during the next major releae of ZA.

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    arson Guest

    Default Re: Zonealarm McAfee virus checker

    Hi u_v and vtuberg ...

    To add to Senior Contributors unhappy_viewer's statement ... in the meantime, you can also disable or turn OFF this Anti-Virus monitoring component of ZA, by going to ZA's Control Panel > Anti-Virus Monitoring > Monitoring Panel ... and ticking it
    'Off' ...and in my opinion,
    this is usually not needed, because McAfee will monitor and alert you on it's own, plus this will reduce resources and memory usage and possible conflicts (though rare) by doing this ...

    also do this on my machines,
    even though ZA's AV Monitor detects my AV's, I leave this feature 'Off' for the reasons I've mentioned above ...

    Take care and best regards ...

    Arson D. Dragon

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