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    howardf Guest

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    When I access
    and attempt to use the form I get an error message saying I am not allowed to access that directory. If I turn ZA off then I can access it. What do I need to change in my settings to fix this problem?
    Thank you.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    gerard_konijn Guest

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    Hi howardf and welcome to the Forum.Go to ZoneAlam's Control Panel >Privacy> Site List Tab andclicktheAddbutton, then enterthe site's URL, locate the New Entryin theSite List,right click on the New Entry andselect Options.Now go through all Three(3)Tabsin SiteOptions and Uncheckeverything that is checked, clicking Applyas you go through each tab, then hit ok. Next go tothe Cache Cleaner Tab and click Clean Now.Try to access thesite again.Best regards/Vriendelijke groeten. Gerard Konijn. Tilburg. The Netherlands.

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    howardf Guest

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    Gerard-Konijn (Guru)
    Heel hartelijk bedankt!

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    gerard_konijn Guest

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    Another Happy Surfer

    Best regards, Gerard Konijn. Tilburg, The Netherlands.

    En een fijne avond toegewenst

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