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Thread: How to configure Terminal service

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    sramesh Guest

    Default How to configure Terminal service

    Hi all,I have configures terminal service. our staffs connected through terminal service. they have dynamic ip. using broadband.some time terminal service connected. some time not connected. i have configured port based. i have allowed port 3389 in expert option.please give me all configuration on port based or terminal server act as a server. which one is best?

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    Are you talking about using telnet? If not what program are you going to use? It makes a difference.
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    sramesh Guest

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    no sir i am asking about windows terminal service

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    icehot Guest

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    Unfortunately zone alarm has a bug with anything to do with svchost (generic host processes for win32) which is used to server terminal services, opening port 3389 works for a while then the port gets closed, and no matter what you do other than lowering your security to medium, it does not work - I cant actually use ZA until this bug is fixed, as that is the only port I ever want open on my system.

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    wevowva Guest

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    I've had this problem with svchost closing my internet access for awhile.
    I just shut down the svchost.exe - network process in task manager, and my internet connectivity is restored.
    Is this a safe thing to do, or does it compromise ZoneAlarm (free version) protection in any way?

    Anybody know why this issue hasn't been addressed in product updates?

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