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    wolverana Guest

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    I'm currently using ZA Security Suite, Win2k Pro.
    I have had this happen with a few different things now, it just hangs when I'm trying to install something. At first I thought maybe I had bad downloads of the files I was trying to install so I tried redownloading. That didn't work so I looked in firewall to see if it showed up in the programs section so I could trust it or something, and nothing there. Tried trusting the file itself and that locked it up too. I finally had to just turn ZA off and install the programs and then turn it back on. I have it set to give me alerts yet nothing pops up but it is definitely waiting for something like a response or something from me maybe?

    All I know is apparently the program alerts are not working for these programs. Two programs I can name for sure are Anarchy Online installer (1.4+ gb download at in case you need to test this), and Ultima Online's Mondain Legacy prerelease at (760+ mb download).

    These programs just outright locked up my computer and couldn't install. I had to literally cold reboot the machine as I couldn't even open the task manager to turn anything off it was just play messed up. I do hope that this is something that can either be resolved or someone can tell me if there is some special setting I'm unaware of that will help this to not happen. I right now have the program control settings turned to low since this happened. Thanks for your assistance and hope this either helps you or helps me whichever one works lol.

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    jarvis Guest

    Default Re: Program Control Stops Installs.. no message

    Hmm, when you run a program ZA has to produce a checksum for it - which means reading through the entire file and counting up every byte. If the file is an installer that is 1.4Gb in size, this could take a while, or possibly crash it.

    I would continue doing what you have done - disconnect the internet and stop ZoneAlarm while you install these things.

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