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Thread: ZoneAlarm and Online Games

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    gordonh Guest

    Default ZoneAlarm and Online Games

    I have just got the ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite and as soon as I installed it I could no longer stay connected to any of the Battlefield 2 servers.

    I went to the Battlefield tech site and checked what ports are meant to be opened and set them up.

    I had a similar problem with Star Wars Galaxies using the free ZoneAlarm a while back and never managed to get it working even when ZA was switched off.

    Any ideas ?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.1

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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm and Online Games

    I'm not much on online gaming,so my advise may sound idiotic,but have you granted the game server rights?

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    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:4.x

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    gordonh Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm and Online Games

    Yes I have gave the game all 'ticks' for net access and server.

    The game does the initial connection and joins the server to start with. But after between 5-20 seconds I get a connection lost message from the game.

    I don't really know how this software works but I get the feeling that ZoneAlarm is delaying the ingame packets and the game is therefore deciding that the connection has been dropped. As soon as the game goes back to the list of servers I can pick a new one to connect to and do the same all over again.

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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm and Online Games

    I know since the 5.x versions there have been repeated posts of gamers that have connectivity issues,I was hoping one of the users who has figured out the right set up for ZA and games would have posted by now,as my suggestion would be to dump ZA for a firewall that works alongside of your game.This of course is just my opinion,if you paid for the version of ZA you are using you are entitled to it functioning properly with the game,so I also suggest you contact Tech Support as they may have a workaround or even a proper fix.

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    gordonh Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm and Online Games

    That's my next plan, I'll email tech support and tell them that the software doesn't work properly.
    I had hoped that they might visit these forums and post some info or another user might have came up with a solution.
    I didn't want to waste the tech guys time with a problem that might be well known and easy to fix.
    If they can't find a way to get the games working I will ask for a refund as the software is 'unfit for purpose'.

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    learner2020 Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm and Online Games

    If you're using the paid version try changing these settings:

    SmartDefense Advisor: Off

    contacts a ZoneLabs server to suggest settings, this slows connection to gaming sites

    Automatic Update off

    Anti-Virus Monitoring:
    Off if you are using another Anti-Virus progam other than ZA's

    Check for product updates:
    change to manual

    this should help free up some, memory to play the game and help with connections, also when you connect to these gaming servers you might want to look at getting a port scanner program like:


    Port Explorer

    to see what ports you are connecting with and what sites, so that you can set expert rules for your program to connect only to those sites.

    Also, when you are not playing the game you might want to change your settings for the program, everything with 'X' s to help with security.

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    rom Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm and Online Games

    Did you find a solution to this problem? Sorry to wake up an old thread.

    Until today, I shut down ZA to play Battlefield 2. Now, even if I do that the game behaves as if I still have ZA running? What's with that??? How is that possible if I shut down ZA? I looked in Task Manager and zclient.exe was not running.

    I used to blame the game for not being able to negotiate with ZA, and I had to shut it down. But now it seems it's the other way around.

    I have a cable connection. 512KBps
    ZA Pro.

    I tried an earlier version than the latest, but that didn;t work either. I'm going to try an even earlier one.

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