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Thread: Adapter subnet missing?

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    iantresman Guest

    Default Adapter subnet missing?

    My PC has stopped access my Home network. I think I've configured Firewall Zones correctly, but I notice that my network card is not appearing as a Subnet adapter, which some of my other machines do.

    Can I force Zone Alarm Pro to add a Subnet adapter? I'm not even sure how to find its IP address.

    Ian Tresman

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    iantresman Guest

    Default Re: Adapter subnet missing?

    Now resolved, and it was not necessary to add the missing Subnet adapter.

    I wasn't able to see my Home network LAN. My I solved this my changing the Trusted Zone Security from Medium to Low (turning off the LAN firewall). My LAN network sprung back to life. I then changed my zone security back from Low to Medium, and everthing is still fine. Bizarre.

    Ian Tresman

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