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    grahgrah Guest

    Default Thunderbird settings

    Hello All,I am running Zone Alarm security suite
    vers 6.1 on windows XP Pro. I have downloaded MozillaThunderbird 1.5 to use as my prefered email program. Thunderbird at present will attempt contact with my ISP but not engage it and can,t download load or even send mail.
    I have
    Outlook as the original Email which still recieves and sends mails, so I am sure there are no hardware problems.
    On advice from my ISP support desk,I have changed the Thunderbird1.5 server port number to 110 and the SMPT outgoing mail to port No.25.Is any forum member able to advise me on how to get thunderbird working.I have uninstalled it and re installed and this had made no difference.When I open the overview page in Security suite I notice that the Outlook Icon is in thep rogram box on the top of the page.Can that be a factor in the non operation of Thunderbird?
    Thanks for your time
    Grahame Collins

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.1

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    Default Re: Thunderbird settings

    Have you set the correct permission in ZA ie allow internet access and to send e-mail?

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    grahgrah Guest

    Default Re: Thunderbird settings

    The same ZA Security Suite has been used for MS Explorer and Outlook for 8 months without problem.


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    grahgrah Guest

    Default Re: Thunderbird settings

    A text has come up saying the programme connects with the ISP now both for send and recieve emails but it times out on both.I have made "allowed " changes in the trust access and send boxes in programme contol.


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