Hi.In the message:.../board/message?board.id=AllAboutPorts&message.id=167( Zone Labs User Forum: Common Program Settings
: Creating Expert Rules In ZAP 4 : anwser of "Disciple" )
I try until before "Here is where the lack of understanding ..." After this I can
t even create a second "Expert Firewall Rule", whith "2" in "rank", or even edit de rule already created.My english is not preatty god, and I can
t understand all the message.But kazaa star to work after this, even clicking in deny when zone alarm ask me to give servers rights to Kazaa Lite Resurrection.
I just want to now the kind o risk (dangers or vulnerability) I take doing only the firsts steps of the message.

Operating System:Windows 98-SE (Second Edition)
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:6.1