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Thread: Program Settings for IBM Client Security Solution

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    slyke Guest

    Default Program Settings for IBM Client Security Solution

    Hi all,

    I'm playing with the so-called "ThinkVantage Client Security Solution" of my new IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T60p laptop. It's based on a security chip built into the system serving as a safe place to store passwords, e.g. my Windows account password. The neat thing is that you only have to authenticate once to open the security chip keystore, and from that point on Client Security Solution cares for typing in the right passwords.

    Now since I installed ZoneAlarm Pro, this doesn't work anymore, presumably (IMHO) because ZoneAlarm somehow suppresses the execution of Client Security Solution programs. Does anyone know anything about this? Has anyone stumbled across the same problem?

    Thanks in advance for your valued feedback, folks.


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.1

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Program Settings for IBM Client Security Solution

    Check something if you would. Go to your Zone Alarm Pro Programs list, right click on the "ThinkVantage Client Security Solution" application, then click on 'options' and see if you've granted it 'Allow Open Process' rights. I'm not at all sure this is the problem, but it is a place to start.

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    kalichild Guest

    Default Re: Program Settings for IBM Client Security Solution


    I have a T40 with the embedded security chip with both the client security software (an Utimaco product) and Zonealarm. All was well and good until I upgraded both components.

    Working versions were: 6.00.0037
    Zonealarm: 61.744.001

    After upgrading to the new components it looks like both applicaitons are attempting to write to the same portion of physical memory, as when both apps are running winlogin.exe runs at 100% of memory and Zclient freezes.

    I'm now backing down to the previous version of zonealarm since I had no problems with that, and the new version of client security software (7.00.0017) has a very nice password manager that integrates with the security chip, and also the startup seems a lot faster.

    Will report back, but others may want to be aware of this.


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    kalichild Guest

    Default Re: Program Settings for IBM Client Security Solution

    as per my last post i backed the zonealarm back down to the previous revision. solves the freezing problem but now the ibm client security solution doesn't use my secure password on login - that fails in each case. otherwise everything seems fine, including mounting my private encrypted disk and the password manager.

    thoughts? I've already told zonealarm that everything from client security solution is safe ...


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