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Thread: HP Business Inkjet 1000 ToolBox

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    sonica Guest

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    Thanks for getting back Bill. It is at least nice to know someone cares. Unfortunately, as I said above, I turned off all the components including programme control, firewall, viruscan etc.. It did not work until I uninstalled the whole suite.

    The toolbox is a piece of software that shows items such as how much ink is left in the ink cartridges, how much ink the printer is using per page and does other functions such as clean printheads, calibrate printheads etc.. The printer has worked without the toolbox but then one of the processes of the toolbox takes up 100% of the CPU and I have to kill it manually. Before someone says it, I did grant that process permission in programme control together with all other processes that even had the smallest chance of having something to do with the printer and it still didn't work.

    I know it doesn't sound like a big deal but I am really annoid that I pay money for software like toolbox which doesn't seem to be compatiable with any Security Suite.

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    billc Guest

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    Sorry I don't know why the conflict exists. I'd still suggest you contact Zone Labs Technical Support for the are most likely to be aware of the conflict & possibly offer a solution. From your posts, I now assume your giving the Trial version of ZASS a go? Just put 'Trial" in the space where it asks for your key. If these two software products have a conflict it would occur to me that both Zone Labs and HP would try to fix it.

    Thanks for telling me just what the toolbox does. I use a Brother printer/copier/fax that has a similar program.

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