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Thread: Program Control Permissions ...??

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    huneee Guest

    Default Program Control Permissions ...??

    Hi, I have ZoneAlarm Pro 6.1.744.001 upgraded as a new install to my XP Home SP2. Please don't tell anyone, but I'm going nuts!! with it.
    Would someone pleasebe able to
    tell me what settings I should have under Program Control for:

    --Generic Host Process for Win32 Services

    --LSA Shell (Export Version)
    Don't remember either of them having server rights before, but both are making me feel paranoid right now? (it's ok, eassy for me
    do they need internet access at all?

    --CTF Loader
    What's CTF Loader? Shown as "super trusted", but all permissions X'd out, EXCEPT "send mail" permission is granted...?
    I'm really having trouble making sense of all this, I'm afraid. Is there a "standard" settings list available anywhere, maybe?
    I have a number of other questions too. Hope it will be alright to ask a couple or so at a time? I'm not really sure how a forum works, although I can probably work that out better than I can how ZAPro can change my settings and even its own mind when no-one's looking. Wish I knew what's going on.
    BTW: ZoneAlarm doesn't seem to know how to rate its own trust level. Does it matter if a trust level isn't actually indicated - for any programs?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    Default Re: Program Control Permissions ...??


    Generic Host Services - Two green checkmarks under Access (trusted and internet), One green checkmark under Server (TRUSTED ONLY), One red checkmark under Server (INTERNET).

    LSA Shell - Two green checkmarks under Access (trusted and internet), Two red checkmarks under Server (trusted and internet)

    CTF Loader - Part of Microsoft Office XP

    The CTF Loader is part of Microsoft Office XP. It is used to activate the Language Bar (voice recognition).

    I would have the CTF Loader ask for permission, so therefore just put in blue question marks under Access (trusted and internet), Two red checkmarks under Server (trusted and internet).

    Hopefully this info has helped you, PLEASE feel free to ask any questions at any time.

    Thank you for your time and have a great day or evening!


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    huneee Guest

    Default Re: Program Control Permissions ...??

    Thank you so much, SlyFox for your reply to my questions. It's a terrific help and I do appreciate you taking the time.Also, I'm very sorry that I haven't replied for such a long time. I've been ill, including time spent in hospital, and still trying to find my way back around home (stilllolling frustratingly in bed most of the time so far), the computer and the daily grindstone.I've only now checked my message replies, and it's such a relief to see help like you've provided. I did apply the newest update just a few days ago (seems very soon again?), and have run into more problems. I'm sure I've made errors with permissions -- most likely (I hope) erring on the side of caution. The computer has become more stubborn than ever! LOLI hope to get myself a litte more "with it" soon, and compile another list of questions, and hope you might be able to help me more then.Again, many thanks.Have a great weekend!huneee :8}

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