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How can I manually add or remove a program from the program list?


Programs can be removed from the Program list. If you right-click on a Program, you will find an option to delete or remove the program.

If an application is removed from the "Programs List", ZoneAlarm will detect the application the next time it attempts to access the Internet. ZoneAlarm will then add the application to the "Programs List" again. ZoneAlarm remember all versions of programs that have accessed the Internet, but only lists the most recent.

If you wish to remove a program completely from the list, be sure to remove all versions from the list. If you have removed all versions, but the program continues to show up in the list, then it is still running somewhere on your system. You will need to contact that software manufacturer for proper removal instructions.

A hand underneath the icon means that the program is attempting to listen for incoming connections. However, as long as you have not given that program Allow Server rights, ZoneAlarm will not allow any incoming connections get to that program.

If a program seems to be blocked from access, make sure that the Block Servers box is UNchecked for that Zone. Remember that every IP address is considered Internet Zone unless you have specifically added it to your Trusted Zone (needs to be set to Medium or lower).

- if you add your email server to your Trusted Zone, then you need to leave the Block Local Servers box UNchecked - but if you did not need to add that server to your Trusted Zone, then it would be considered UNtrusted Internet Zone, so you would need to leave the Block Internet Servers box UNchecked.

- the Lock should NOT be used during normal usage, see the help files for more info. If you choose to use the Lock feature, then make sure that any program that requires access while the Lock is engaged has Pass Lock rights, and when setting the Lock, you MUST use the option to allow programs to pass the lock. Some programs will never work properly with the Lock feature. Also, you may lose your Internet connection totally by using the Lock if it blocks your ISP's DHCP server.

To add a program to the list manually, before it actually accesses the Internet, Right-click in the actual Program listings, and highlight "Add Program", or click the Add button below the Program list. Browse to the directory that contains the executable you are looking for and click Open. Contact the software manufacturer for help in locating the name of the file to add to the programs list.

Some programs require that more than one program have access rights. Also, there is an option to check a box for programs that change frequently, in Advanced program settings. This is mainly designed for developers who are constantly changing executable files, but wish to retain as much protection as possible.