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Thread: Windows Time Synchronization

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    rjmat Guest

    Default Windows Time Synchronization

    ZA Pro is continuously blocking attempts by W32Time to synchronize the machine time with and How can I make ZA to allow this to happen?Thank you,Bob

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.1

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    douginalaska Guest

    Default Re: Windows Time Synchronization

    I've noticed the same warning in Event Viewer under System.
    What's with this anyway?

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    craebild Guest

    Default Re: Windows Time Synchronization

    I encountered the same problem. ZoneAlarm is blocking Generic Host Process for Win32 Services (which W32time often needs), and unblocking Generic Host Process for Win32 Services is a bad idea, so that is not a solution.

    However, Symmetricom (a California company that makes reference clocks and time server equipment) offers the free program SymmTime, which can update the Windows clock without the user having to allow any unwise connection rights. It also allows the user to have multiple clocks shown, which is convenient if you have to communicate with people in other time zones.

    SymmTime can be downloaded from here:

    SymmTime is free, and there is no mention on their web page or in the EULA that it is only free for private individuals, so it seems fair to assume that it is also free for corporate use.

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    bizzibizbiz Guest

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    The way that I handled this problem was by adding Windows Time Synch IP address to the trusted zone.
    In Zone Alarm select the Firewall tab (on the left).
    Then click the Zones tab at the top.
    In the bottom right click add and then IP address.
    Select Trusted from the pull down box, enter the IP address and put something meaningfull like maybe the word "Time" in the description box and your done.
    Oh yeah, and make sure you hit apply before you close it or it won't work.

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    zafzap Guest

    Default Re: Windows Time Synchronization

    Has anyone else considered or tried either of these solutions?

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    Default Re: Windows Time Synchronization

    Hi!the simplest solution is to change the server, has issues and delays that causes the dropping from ZA.Change the server to, for example, "" and it will constantly work.Cheers,Fax

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