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Thread: can I use more than one firewall

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    mcginlay Guest

    Default can I use more than one firewall

    I have norton firewall as well as windows and zonealarm what should I do

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:

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    Default Re: can I use more than one firewall

    Use only one software firewall per pc is the unwritten law. Too much packet filtering and TCP/IP controls all at once from completely different programs will cause a loss of internet or OS problems. PICK either the Nortons or the ZA Free and leave the Windows XP firewall off (and just for the back/up emergency firewall). Either offer outbound protection and filtering which the Windows firewall can never offer. Which one do you like and which one do you think is giving more security? There is your answer. Oldsod BTW IMO go with ZA!
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    gdiloren Guest

    Default Re: can I use more than one firewall

    ZApro HELP FILE:

    "Upgrading and the Windows XP SP2 Windows Firewall
    If you are running Windows XP SP2 and upgrading to version 6.5, after upgrading you may need to manually turn the Windows XP SP2 Windows Firewall back on(Why?!). In the Windows XP Help system, search for firewall to learn how to turn on the Windows XP Windows Firewall. "

    I just upgraded to the latest version ZApro 6.5.714 and this is in the help files. I've always been with ZApro the only Firewall running. Now it's confusing, in the help files they want us to keep both firewall. Am I misunderstanding? WHAT DO I DO NOW???

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