I am trying to run an application which has database componentns with Zone Alarm.

My application talks to the DB on port 3050 / 3055 / 9098 and 9099

I have set all these ports as "allowed" on Firewall -> Expert, I made a group with all these protocol and added that to the Expert Firewall rules,

Also in Program control I have added the application / database files as follows:

SmartDefense: Auto
TrustLevel: Super
Access / Server / Send Mail: All setting as checked to Allow,

Now when I start my application 2 out of 5 times, it freezes while starting, Zone Alarm is not consistent in its behavior, as in it is still blocking something that freezes my application, but does not do it consistently.... i have tried tweaking a lot of parameters but ZA is never consistent, many times the application runs just fine, but when I close the application and start again it freezes.

Any help / pointer in this area will be greatly appreciated, My application used Firebird database, if there are any known issues of Zone Alarm with Firebird, please let me know about it.

Looking forward to replies.

- Thanks

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:6.5