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Thread: za free network not working

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    zxcvbnm Guest

    Default za free network not working

    a friend is using za free on the high setting without the expert options
    they also use preventon

    the computer connects to the internet via a home network
    they wish to share files and printers
    how do i set it up

    do i need to re-install za and put in the expert options and allow netbios in medium setting?

    please help

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: za free network not working

    You need to configure the ZA Firewall settings to allow every computer's IP address on that LAN (local area network) that you want to access in the Trusted Zone, the IP address of the DSL or Cable modem (if it has one) in the Trusted Zone, and the IP address of the router in the Trusted Zone. Usually the loopback adapter address ( is also allowed in the Trusted Zone. All other IP addresses should be in the Internet Zone or Blocked (if you want NO access from any computer on the LAN or from the Internet). There are many other threads in this forum that explain more about these settings so you might want to do a ZoneAlarm user help forum search for IP address firewall configurations for more information.

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