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Thread: Settings Don't Hold On Various Scenarios..

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    johnsin Guest

    Default Settings Don't Hold On Various Scenarios..

    It would seem as though all expert rules, advanced program settings and changes get erased after shutting down ZA not after a restart. It would also seem that ZA would only hold the settings immediately after they were typed into ZA after the 1st install. Only those settings get saved and the rest seem to keep getting deleted on ZA shutdown regardless of a pc restart or not. Can you explain that to me please. It only holds the settings after the install but whatever changes I make say a day or a reboot or two later it won't save.

    I've lost several of my advanced program settings even when I restored my previous backup entries they would not save the advanced program settings in 6.5 from the backup. Expert Rules as well faces the same problem.

    Should I revert back to 6.1 or could I delete the database files as slyfox pointed while restoring my current set of entries via a backup??

    6.5 seems wonderfully well designed with a host of new features, although I'm rather disappointed though that this is a rather persistent and difficult problem to solve.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.5

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    johnsin Guest

    Default Re: Settings Don't Hold On Various Scenarios..

    It would seem that Slyfox'z comments on removing the databases files have no effect on the actual bug in Zonealarm which is causing the settings to be lost.

    A quick revert back to 6.1 and everything works as it should. It is definitely a bug in the new version and not an install problem. My internet logs folder was cleared. However ZA 6.5 doesn't save advanced program settings which is very disappointing provided the advanced features that are currently packed in it.

    Until ZA fix this problem I believe many users like me will continue to use version 6.1 as it may not provide the host of optional features in 6.5 but it certainly does the job a firewall is meant to do, which is hold user configuration.

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: Settings Don't Hold On Various Scenarios..

    If this was that prevelant of a problem with the latest release as you claim it definitely would have come up more often in the help threads. I am not saying that the problem has not happened to others. I am only saying that it is usually a problem that can usually be corrected quite easily. Sometimes the database can get corrupt during upgrade process but the database reset definitely should work. Make sure you follow the instructions exactly and do them in Windows SAFE MODE.

    The ZA database reset instructions can be found all over this forum. You should do the procedure is safe mode. You will lose ALL your customized configurations and settings after doing this and have to allow ZA to re-configure its permissions and add any customizations afterwards.

    ZoneLabs database reset:

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    johnsin Guest

    Default Re: Settings Don't Hold On Various Scenarios..

    Hi SoCal unfortunately that hasn't worked. As I've mentioned I've done that and further. I've uninstalled reinstalled, updated, deleted the log directory etc, but my program setting rules won't hold the advanced rules and expert rules.

    Safe mode: check : effect same advanced settings don't hold such as program expert rules.
    Unfortunately the only way it holds my settings is in 6.1
    If you seem to find a better solution besides the one you mentioned since I've already tried let me know. Until then this is certainly an issue with ZA and XP PRO SP2, tried the setup on another pc as well same result unfortunately.

    Any other recommendations?

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: Settings Don't Hold On Various Scenarios..

    When you do the database reset you can't restore old rules from a previous version or you will create the same problems you had before. You need to manually set all the expert rules and any other configuration changes with the new version. I know that is a hassle but I believe that is what you need to do. The OS Firewall has been enhanced and changed along with other parts of the new 6.5x versions. I can't see any way around this unless you want to use version 6.1x for the distant future. Maybe the next 6.5x will hold those rules from a previous version but I doubt it.

    If you are saying that the new version does not hold expert or advanced rules even with clean installs and manually setting them I think I would have heard about that problem. However it is possible there could be selective bugs in the new version relating to advanced rules but I don't remember reading anything specific in this forum about that. So I think I understood your posts correctly but if you in fact did try to manually add the changes and expert rules and the program is still not holding those changes then that is a different problem and maybe you need to contact ZoneLabs directly about that issue and submit it in a report to them.

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    johnsin Guest

    Default Re: Settings Don't Hold On Various Scenarios..

    Hi Socal, yes that is correct, I've attempted restoring my settings, adding new expert settings and program rules (expert)etc. The one that never seems to hold is the program rules (expert). If you right click on a program in program control, you can define extra advanced expert rules just like expert rules under firewall.

    I've mentioned on another thread, that only under firewall the expert rules will hold those that you type in after a fresh install but everything that you type in program settings (expert rules) will not hold.

    I think this is where the difference has been. I'm reporting that all advanced program settings (expert rules) under program control fail to hold after you shutdown ZA. That is where it's a major problem, not the expert rules in firewall settings which are working, if you add to the list.

    Perhaps you should try adding a block rule for an ip address for internet explorer under program settings expert rules and tell me if those settings hold after you shutdown and restart ZA.


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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: Settings Don't Hold On Various Scenarios..

    I understand what you are saying but the problem is that I always do a full clean uninstall before I installed my ZA versions. I almost never try to restore any previous settings before I install a newer ZA release. Recently I have not had any problems at all with my ZA program holding its settings and I have not had any other issues except for a problem with the OS Firewall HOSTS file alert settings in ZASS 6.5.722 which was fixed with a simple configuration change. I still have a feeling that somehow you have older configuration settings that are effecting your newer version. If you did not do a clean uninstall and clean reinstall then it is difficult to determine if this is what is happening with your ZA installation. One would think that reseting your ZA configurations and settings database would have corrected the problem but apparently it has not. You could also have some sort of compatibility problem with other software you are using. Of course there is a possibility is that there could be a problem with the latest release that wasn't exisiting in the previous version but again I can't confirm that because I am not experiencing any problems that you have described with my ZA products. When I have some extra time I will run some more tests on my ZASS 6.5.722 and see if I can come up with something or if I read about a similar issue experienced by another user then I will definitely try to post back with that information. If you have not already done so I would recommend you submit your information to ZoneLabs technical support and see if they have any solutions for you or if there is any known issue related to what you are experiencing with the latest release. Be sure to include as much information as you can such as a detailed explaination of your problem, the other security software you are using, special networking or internet applications, OS and hardware information, etc. When the next ZA 6.5x version is released in the near future please post in this forum if you still have the same problems you are describing. I would recommend doing a complete clean uninstall of your current version and not even trying to restore any older settings when you upgrade to the next ZA release.

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    johnsin Guest

    Default Re: Settings Don't Hold On Various Scenarios..

    I guess I'll contact the technical support team and submit a bug. I've tried it even on my laptop on a fresh OS install SP2 and it had the same problem with the settings with 6.5(Fresh Install, Reconfigured from scratch). I reverted back to 6.1 and it works like a charm.
    Here's what fails to hold just a screenshot to illustrate what I mean.
    So your settings hold under this option in 6.5? I suppose it might be an incompatibility issue? I doubt it, it seems like it just won't register in the database for some strange reason, everything else registers. Do you have advanced settings like in the picture shown below that work fine in 6.5? Your lucky if they do.

    Here's the image of where my advanced expert rules should be, but as you'll notice they always are removed after shutdown
    Internet Explorer as an example.
    One last question do you use this feature without any problems as in the picture and find your settings saved when you restart?

    Thanks for your help anyways. I appreciate the time you spent. Just find it odd why this seems to keep occuring even on a different setup and new o.s fresh install etc. Time to contact the techies.

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    socalreviews Guest

    Default Re: Settings Don't Hold On Various Scenarios..

    Ok, keep us updated on your findings.

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    johnsin Guest

    Default Re: Settings Don't Hold On Various Scenarios..

    Yes I will, you didn't however tell me whether that works for you, as I asked in the last post? Does it?

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