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    I am repeatedly having a problem with Zonealarm on my laptop where it cannot find a hostname on my network, but the laptop can see the host. I enter the hostname correctly in the Edit Host/Site dialog box and select the Lookup button. This always happens when i take the laptop onsite to another network , then bring it back home on my internal LAN. I have to enter the IP address in manually instead of by hostname. The laptop and host machine i wish to add are both Windows XP Pro. The host im seeking to add is a virtual machine. I dont have any problems with any other computer seeing it or accessing it from the network. I am not on a domain.
    Any ideas?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.1

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    PLEASE go to the following thread and hopefully it will solve your problem, if not PLEASE post back, Thanks. &

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    Sorry for the delayed reponse. This issue went away, then came back again.I'm not sure about the ICS/Gateway thing described in the link you sent. I have an internal LAN, and I have many machines running ZASS and Virtual PC/VMWare. Only the laptop seems to have the problem. I have the virtual machine set to DHCP and it runs off the same network card as the laptop and gets an IP address fine. All DHCP settings are the same for the laptop, workstations, and VMs. They are all on the same workgroup. The zonealarm instance on the laptop says it "cannot find hostname" where hostname is the name of the particular VM that im having issues with.If I shut ZASS down, it works fine.Any ideas?

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