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Thread: Remote Desktop, svchost as server fixes any problems.

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    rollinthundr Guest

    Default Remote Desktop, svchost as server fixes any problems.

    I am using Microsoft Remote Desktop Client to connect to another machine. I am running Zonealarm 6. I can not figure out how to get Remote Desktop to work, except for allowing svchost to act as a server.

    I have opened up the correct port 3389 in both the firewall, and the specific program setup.

    I have added my local DNS's into the trusted zone.

    Can anyone explain to me what is going on here? What does it mean to allow svchost to act as a server? How does this expose my computer?

    Thanks in advance!

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Remote Desktop, svchost as server fixes any problems.

    Hi Rollinthundr
    Giving internet server rights to a progam means that the program will be listen in internet like someone at home waiting for a phone call. This usually leaves a port open which means it answers to requests. However the real danger is if you have some malware in your computer that may take that opportunity to 'phone home' otherwise it will be the program that uses that port that would be used. Very few programs needs internet server rights, but some do like MSN,chats some games and the program you talk needs port 3389 opened. I think you should do frequent virus, spyware and trojans scans to your computer and would recommend the use of a good port to process mapper to know the connections you have in any moment and who is using them (local ports, remote ports,exeutives,destination ip's). Personally I use Port Explorer from a very good one but paid (30 days trial)but altough I don't have experience many people uses free TCPView from SysInternals.
    Best regards

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    fedupwithjunk Guest

    Default Re: Remote Desktop, svchost as server fixes any problems.

    svchost.exe worries me
    I am reluctant to give it server access because once granted I'll have no idea what is happening behind the scenes.
    Having reset my program controll list to rediscover what is asking for access I discover that svchost wants to act as a server accepting connections from dozens of machines on my school network. I suppects it is MSM messenger ( will TCPview tell me ?) or is it file sharing? ports 1199, 1269, 1270, 1271, 1274, 1277, 1280, 1901 and 1232 and a few others I got tired of looking.
    Is this not a big security problem?

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