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Thread: Why won't settings for 'stick'?

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    Default Why won't settings for 'stick'?

    Let me start by saying I purposefully installed TightVNC on my desktop computer -- it's not there by accident and it's not a virus, spyware, or a trojan. I _want_ and _need_ to use it to allow remote control of my desktop.

    Unfortunately ZoneAlarm is driving me NUTS because it won't allow me to use TightVNC without manually OK'ing the connection. What's odd about that you say? Isn't ZoneAlarm supposed to get authorization before allowing a program to allow external network connections? Obviously the answer is 'yes' -- but it's only supposed to ask once. I have to OK the connection _each_and_every_time I try to connect to my desktop from my laptop via TightVNC! It NEVER remembers that I previously gave TightVNC full access. Zone alarm remembers my settings for other programs, so why is it not doing so for TightVNC?

    The result is that I have to disable ZoneAlarm if I think I might need to connect remotely later that day. Or I have to initiate the laptop-to-desktop connection while both computers are side-by-side so that I can respond to ZoneAlarm's "warning". Obviously neither of these scenarios is reasonable.

    How do I get past this irritating "feature" of ZoneAlarm? Surely I'm not alone in this? If there's no fix or workaround for this I'd like to know so I can start looking at alternative firewall programs.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: Why won't settings for 'stick'?

    Look in c:\windows\internet logs and see how many tmp files you have.
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