I have ZoneAlarm pro installed on all 3 of my computers on my home network. They are all accessable to each other and can all access the printer and the internet no problem. Two are set up as DHCP clients and one is a dedicated IP used for Warcraft3 port forwarding. I just installed a program called Kidswatch on all my computers to limit my kids computer time. I use one computer as the remote access client to change settings and add more time on the other computers if needed. The Kidswatch program communicates on port 4566.The computer set up as a DHCP client is listening on the correct port 4566 no problem. But the dedicated IP is not listening for port 4566 and therefore I cannot communicate with it. I tried doing a
port query listening on the dedicated computer IP addr on port 4566 but it says it is "filtered", not "listening". I cannot connect with telnet on that computer with that port either. I
set up the firewall trusted zone and internet zone custom settings to allow incoming tcp port 4566. I also set up an expert rule for the program that allowed a protocol for the source and destination set to 4566. Then on the program control menu, I set the kidswatch remote program to "allow" on
both the access and server settings, and set up an expert rule for the program with the protocol set for port 4566 on the source and distination also. My router is also set to allow port forwarding on port 4566 for the computer with the dedicated IP address. After all this, it still says that port 4566 is "filtered" not "listening", and I cannot access it. Can anyone recommend something that will fix this Please. Thank you.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.5