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Thread: mIRC access problems.

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    Default mIRC access problems.

    I use the program mIRC ( 24/7.

    I've had this computer for about 6 months now, and i was using a different firewall, but didn't like it, so i switched to the free version of zone alarm (Right now i'm on day 1 of the free trial). After installation, i started firing up all my games and programs that accessed the internet so that the firewall would ask me about all of them, and i told it to allow all of them. however, when i start up mIRC it does not give me the box asking what to do. It doesn't even recognize the program as connecting to the internet.

    Inside the program it gives me the following error:

    [16:37] * Connecting to (6667)
    [16:37] - [ Blocked by ZoneAlarm Security ]
    [16:37] - [ Blocked by ZoneAlarm Security ]
    [16:37] * Disconnected

    So the program knows its being blocked, but i can't seem to do anything about it. The worst part is, even when i turn the firewall off, the program gives me the same error. I have manually added the program to the programs list, given it more access then the operating system (as in a gave it full access to everything) and it still doesn't work.

    Has anyone had similar problems or know anything about this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

    Will this solve my problem also?

    Software Version:

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    Default Re: mIRC access problems.

    Open ZAISS and go to the imsecurity section, and click the advanced button under the settings tab. Then uncheck the box for blocking IRC. Then click OK and close ZAISS and you should be able to use mIRC.
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    Default Re: mIRC access problems.

    Genius Thanks allot, it worked!

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