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Thread: ZASS is blocking AOL radio

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    corbie Guest

    Default ZASS is blocking AOL radio

    This is a new problem which appeared for no evident reasons. I was able to sign-on AOL, open AOL radio without any problems at all since I installed this version
    7 of ZASS.
    Recently, for who ever is familiar with the sign-on of this application, the buffering is stopped and obviously the radio never comes on. I traced the
    reason to an OS Firewall (alerts & logs) that indicates "Spawn Process" in the subtype column of the log and subsequent "Blocked" action taken. Highlighting one of the multiple lines (about 12 of them in a few seconds), I see the following description that seems to explain why things do not work. It says: " IE was prevented from launching c:\Program Files\Common Files\Nullsoft\activeX\2.6\AOL Mediaplaybackcontrol.exe or use another program to gain access to privileged ressources".
    When I look at the Program Control of ZASS, I can see that this particular program is indeed not running (no green dot in the Active column). IE is running.I have spent hours, keeping meticulously track of adding "allow" green marks in what I thought were the 3 programs involved (IE, AMPX.exe and AOL Playback), turning gradually all sliders in Privacy, Program and even Firewall, but to no avail. Nothing works.On the other hand, turning ZASS completely OFF, allows instantaneous connection which leads me to believe that indeed ZASS is the source of the problem somewhere. Turning ZASS back ON, there is no problem with the application and I can see now that the Mediaplayback program has this little green dot in the active column.In conjunction to this problem, and the day I failed to connect, I started to see "Security Message" appearing on my screen (every time I am trying to launch the program)
    saying: "The current Web page is trying to open a site in your trusted site list. Do you want to allow this?Current site: site:

    I naturally say YES.This seems to address now an I.E. problem (using IE 7) where I do have these 2 sites allowed in the Security, Trusted sites.Remember that if ZASS is OFF, there is no problem, so I do not think the problem resides in the IE settings.Has anyone run into this strange problem ?I sure would appreciate to hear from anyone who has an idea or a way to slove this problem.

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ZASS is blocking AOL radio

    What ever media player your using - Windows Media Player 10 or 11, RealPlayer listen to AOL radio, this is the few times where you must grant 'server access' = green checks for Trust and Internet, ' ? ' for Mail. Put 3 green bars and green checks for the rest except mail. Also, AOL likes to use a slew of it's own brand of files, like port magic, etc. give them a wide - more agreeable range in the program control. Here is the Official Users Guide - click the right version - uses PDF files - needs Adobe - has all the common standard and customizable settings;lid=ps_zass
    . Also the media player your using, maybe put that in IE's 'trust site'. Other resources to check out, look into the media players own website to see if there any fine tunning needed or any problems- check FAQS and support; check out AOL website for FAQS,support, etc. to see if there is any known issues with access(esp. with ZA). If you get things runnig a bit, keep ZA program control on half your screen and see what opens up when you use AOL/radio and you know what to do -green checks. NaiveMelody NYC 3-1-07~11:27pm e.s.t. - Born to be wild - Steppenwolf

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    corbie Guest

    Default Re: ZASS is blocking AOL radio

    Thank you for your answer NaiveMelody and all your suggestions.Actually, the problem is now fixed, following
    the advice I received from ZASS support.The solution was to remove all files with extension RDB, LDB and TMP in the folder C:\Windows\Internet Logs using the Safe Mode. And as you pointed out the file AOLMEDIAOLAYBACKCONTROL.exe initially not present in the list of programs after the cleaning up,
    did appear, opened-up and started as I signed on to the service. And indeed, it shows up with 3 green bars and all 5 categories allowed check mark
    as you predicted.The real problem was a "TrueVector service" file that was corrupted and erasing these files did the trick.By the way, I indicated by error that I was using W2000 PRO which was not correct. The OS is Win XP Pro w/SP 2.

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