when i shut down my laptop last night, everthing was fine. i turn it on today and my zonealarm securit suite seems to have backdated itself, i had it registered and typed the corrent license key in. its been fine for a month or so but this morning everything was different, half of the options are missing from the interface. it doesn't let me scan for virus' or spyware, let alone change access to programs, i noticed zonealarm had its own program in the program control, four different parts. Two are all clicked to allow, and the other two are all on ?,?,?,?. It wont let me change them settings either. It used to say when i would right click the big Z icon in the taskbar, ZA Security Suite, now it just says ZoneAlarm by CheckPoint and when going to shut it down, something about a truevector message pops up, i never backed any of my settings up because i dont understand how to, i'm not really up on everything to do with computers i know my way around, i'm just not as computer literate as a lot of people, can anybody help please? has anybody expereinced this problem for themselves. If so your help would be greatly appreciated. I was thinking Of uninstalling it and reinstalling it, or restoring my computers settings to a different date but i dont think that would help, seriously any help would be brilliant. Thanks A Lot

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite