I wish to report a weakness in design of Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite (7.0.302)'s Anti-virus settings.
I hope Zone Labs will fix this weakness and issue an automatic update to the program after reading this.

The weakness is in the way Zone Alarm handles "Exception lists" for the Kaspersky Anti-virus.

When you do a scan of your c: drive, and Kaspersky notes its a possible virus, but you wish to add
the particular file to Zone Alarm Suite's exception list, the Zone Alarm suite incorrectly adds the
virus name to the exception list, instead of the file name that caused the false positive.

The security weakness here is that:

You want Zone Alarm to ignore a particular file you have.
Zone Alarm will instead ignore all files in the future that have this virus.
This is unacceptable and very insecure - so you really can't add anything to the virus exception list,
because you would then be giving any future files of that virus freedom to run on your computer.

The solution would be for Zone Alarm's virus exception list to allow you to enter exceptions
by file names, not virus names.

The same weakness also exist's for Zone Alarm's Spyware Exception list.

Zone Labs - if you are monitoring this forum, please kindly fix this security weakness in your 7.0.302 suite
as soon as possible, and offer it as an automatic update.

Thank you,

William Sternbach

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:7.0