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Thread: Opening port 6346

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    ricpicker Guest

    Default Opening port 6346

    I have a program-MP3 Rocket that's an offshoot (I believe, of LimeWire) that uses port 6346 as it's default. I don't know how to open it.
    I've checked Allow in the trusted/internet columns but it's not enough to allow it to work. I'm using the free version of Zone Alarm and wondering if I don't have the option to open an individual port.
    If someone can help, I need specific path directions. Thanks
    (This is my first post and I don't know if it matters but my OS is Windows XP Media Center which was not listed below, so I chose Pro)

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:

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    Default Re: Opening port 6346

    Did you grant javaw.exe internet access ? You may need to allow server rights also.

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    ricpicker Guest

    Default Re: Opening port 6346

    Thanks for the response.
    I did click on Allow for all Java programs in the trusted column and internet column without results.
    When booting up, a popup says Java is trying to act as a binary server and I click on allow for that but it still seems that I must open that specific port (6346) and until I figure out how to do that, I don't think it will work.
    Any other info on how I do that?

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    Been years since I used the free version but I don't think there is an option to open specific ports. I did try mp3 rocket with ZApro 6.1.744 and was able to connect to the network by just allowing javaw.exe . See if you can connect just using the windows firewall with ZoneAlarm disabled. That way we will know if this is a ZA problem.

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