I have a problem with vsmon.exe that started with the new update to the software.
I now have version 7.0.
During bootup, I have my game CD (one that I've had for maybe 6-8 years) in the CD drive.
So during bootup, vsmon.exe is scanning my CD, making it take so long until I eject the CD from the drive.
Then if I put the CD in the drive after bootup, vsmon.exe again tries to scan the CD.
(I have autorun disabled, in case you have that question.)
It takes maybe 70-90% of the CPU up, and I can't get out to the internet because everything comes to a crawl.
I finally figured out that it has to do with the fact that I have ZoneAlarm's antispyware turned on.
I don't understand why your software has to scan a professional CD.
I understand that there are some CDs that might contain spyware, but the chance of me (or anyone else for that matter) buying a professional CD (game or music) that has spyware on it is very slim.
When your antispyware software doesn't take over my PC, I'll turn it back on.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware
Software Version:7.0