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    kermit Guest

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    Possibly I don't understand the schedule for scanning my system. I'm in the process of installing AZ security suite v7 on my "server" system. I have 6 local HD ranging from 60 GB to 1.2TB (yes that is a T) and several USB drives ranging from 250GB to 500GB. I'd like to setup various scans but I don't see how I can establish a scan for various days of the week and select a different drive for each scan. If ZA attempts to scan all of the drives (this seems to be my only option) it will never finish during the off hours. I'd like for ZA only to scan when I'm not using my system. Is it possible to do this with ZA? I've used different security suites in the past where I had this level of control.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    ZA seems to be using the old hobbled AV configuration settings used in the older 6.x versions.I don't think there is an option at the moment.

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    kermit Guest

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    That is what I thought (darn) this is a real bummer, I just checked my server system (it runs WinXP Pro) and ZA has been running 44+ hours scanning my RAID 5 (1.2TB) and I have no idea how much more it has to scan. I can see the folder it is in but progress information is missing. It would be super nice if I could suspend and resume after a reboot. I need to fix a mouse problem and it will require a reboot and I really want ZA to scan my drives. Some drives I want scanned once a month and others if scanned once every two to
    six months I'd be happy. As I move toward my replacement server it will have two RAID 5 drives (1.2TB and 1.5TB) plus eight USB dirves. A second server is in the plans and will have a RAID 5 between 1.8 and 3.5. where it will start with 6 320GB drives and grow to hold 12 320GB drives plus an assortment of USB drives.

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    I don't think the current system will be changed unless there's demand - most people only have one hard drive and nothing like your UBER server system.

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    kermit Guest

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    It really is just a matter of time before people will be adding more HD or if they have on HD it will be much larger than the normal 160-300GB that we see today. I highly suspect people will start turning toward the PC as a video recorder and making the PC a true entertainment center, BTW this is the direction I'm heading. Prior to installing ZA I was using Norton and the version I used I could set up schedules for different drives. It wold be really nice if ZA would enhance their product to this level. I mainly quit using Norton just because it seemed to be taking over my system, however I've noticed that when ZA is scanning my system performance is the pits, similar to Norton. Again ZA could make it better by not scanning when the PC is being used. For now I'll just live with the issue and as time permits I'll look for a better solution. BTW my server is now into hour 70 and still scanning my 1.2TB RAID and has just started one of my larger folders on the drive. I can only guess but I suspect that it will take a couple of weeks for ZA to go through this drive. I'm going to leave it run next week while I'm gone, it will be interesting to see how far it goes.

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    Good luck, 1.2Tb RAID ... whoa! Jealous.

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