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    dsps Guest

    Default Game Mode

    When I use Game Mode, whether it be Allow or Deny, it does not do anything.
    I know it should put a icon of a circle with a slash through it.I just recently added a new router Linksys and it comes with a Linksys EasyLink Advisor program.
    I believe this is causing a conflict but I would like to keep this program.
    How do I change the behavior of the Game Mode to actually work?
    I guess I could turn off Zone completely but to start it back up after I am done causes all kinds of havoc.Can someone please help me figure this out.
    Thank you

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    gmnightmare Guest

    Default Re: Game Mode

    To properly use game mode you must not close the window while it's in use. I myself find that aspect of it pretty bothersome, hopefully they change that later.

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    dsps Guest

    Default Re: Game Mode

    Yes, you are only to minimize the window and that is why you see a icon of a circle with a slash through it.
    I am assuming that the game mode does not work because the Linksys program keeps Zone Alarm in a active state, so I work like to know how to configure the game mode to work.

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    gmnightmare Guest

    Default Re: Game Mode

    Sorry, we'll go another path here. How do you know that it's not working? If the icon thing is your only consideration, then you are just thinking it's not working. In fact, the icon with a slash seems to have the lowest priority, so if you have internet activity going on you'll see the bars (as it should be... there are other icons if you set them on as well).

    Now, the question is, are you actually interrupted during your game with game mode? As the case may be, your router program may be accessing things and checking with the router, and your firewall marks this as internet activity, and it shows the appropriate icon. You just didn't notice this trait before... possibly. Post the interrupt during the game so we actually have a little more to work with if this is not the case.

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    dsps Guest

    Default Re: Game Mode

    Game mode is to suppress most alerts, correct?

    Also, in the manual it says, "While Game Mode is on, ZoneAlarm security software displays a special icon in the system tray ([img]mk:@MSITStore:C:\Program%20Files\Zone%20Labs\ZoneA larm\Help\zaclients.chm::/images/system_tray_gameMode_icon.jpg[/img]).

    special icon establishes that the Game Mode is Active.
    However what I see on the Zone Alarm Icon in my taskbar, it is the Traffic icon not the Game Mode icon.
    Prior to this new router I always saw the Game Mode icon "Active".

    Do I have any interrupts, can not
    say that other then my games come to a grinding halt when traffic goes through Zone even when I click on "Deny".

    Prior to this, when the Game Mode was on I did not have the grinding halt.
    I am not sure how to show you this or on the interrupts.
    Please tell me how I can do this so you could help me some more.

    Thank You!

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    gmnightmare Guest

    Default Re: Game Mode

    Hmm... surprised a Guru hasn't shown up yet.

    Alright. As I said, the traffic icon has a higher priority, so while traffic occurs the traffic icon shows, and the circle slash otherwise. There is options that may or may not change this, under Alerts and Logs->Main click the lower right Advanced tab, then system tray alert. Enable. Now, while your actually in the Alerts and Logs section, I recommend setting the Alert Events Shown option to off or at most medium. High mode is really for fine tuning settings, trying to detect something sneaking around your firewall or something special like that.

    Now, the information that would help is what the alert actually says. What ip address is being accessed or what not. A work around to this would be to allowing your router to function correctly with the firewall, so if we know what the alerts are occurring we can tell you the settings to enable or disable said alerts with advanced options.

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    dsps Guest

    Default Re: Game Mode

    I found a solution but quite by accident.
    :8}I uninstalled the Linksys Advisor and Zone Alarm, even going into the registry and removing everything I could.
    The reason for uninstalling Zone Alarm was to remove a possible corrupted icon for the Game Mode.Restarted the computer and installing Zone Alarm.
    I still could not get the Game Mode to "Active".Looking into the properties of the Network Connection in WindowsXP I saw that the icon for my Internet Gateway had the radio button check for "showing icon in notification area when connected".
    I uncheck it and now I get the icon for Game Mode and it is "Active".
    I did reinstall the Linksys Advisor and it had nothing to do with the Game Mode.
    That makes me real happy.I wish I could understand all this but I am glad to know that the Game Mode is working.If someone out there could explain this I would be real happy to read it.Thank You!
    Thank you GMNightmare for trying to help a average user of a computer with not much knowledge of working software.

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