Hello all,

Can anyone give me a list (or point me to one) of all command-line switches that ZA SS will accept? I am aware of the clean uninstall switches (/clean /rmlicense) but am wondering what else the program or uninstaller will accept? For eg. a switch that could make ZA run & scan in 'quiet' mode to turn off certain notifications. Switches for any version from ZA Pro 6 > ZA SS 7 would be handy.

I'm trying to help a customer at the moment who keeps receiving a warning while ZA SS 7 is scanning - "Are you sure you want to skip scanning?" , as if he had hit the skip button, but he is not pressing it. This notice just pops up after 40 or so minutes of scanning, thereby stalling the entire process until he comes back to the computer and clicks No. None of the notification options in the program settings will affect this warning, so I'm hoping a command line switch may help. Plus they usually helpful for many other situations...



Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:7.0