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Thread: Slim Server Compatability Issue with Official Vista Release

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    ddrx Guest

    Default Slim Server Compatability Issue with Official Vista Release

    I have a Slim Devices SqeezeBox that uses a program called Slim Server to stream music from my computer over my network. The server program has always worked in XP professional and in Vista Ultimate using the beta version of ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite. I've found that the progam stopped working when I installed the official ZoneAlarm release for Vista. I have added the server program to the trusted programs list and even setup expert rules to open the necessary ports.
    If I uninstall ZoneAlarm, the slim server software functions correctly with the Windows firewall configured to allow access. What else can I try? Thanks

    Operating System:Windows Vista Ultimate
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Slim Server Compatability Issue with Official Vista Release

    First Important Question - Did you properly un-install the ZA beta before installing the official versions?? See -<hr>or - .- I think there are leftover files from the old ZA beta interfering with the new ZA install.<hr>Question - did you completely un-install/delete the previous firewall? If you had Norton or McAfee - please read this -
    - please use the Tool.<hr>13. When should I give a program &quot;server rights&quot; and when should I deny a program server rights?

    You may receive some alerts asking you if a certain program should act as a server and be given &quot;server rights&quot;. We recommend that you not give any program server rights unless one of the following is true for you:<ul>[*]You are hosting a Web site on your computer[*]You are sharing files with another person(s)[*]You are playing games that require point-to-point connections with other players across the Internet[/list]

    If any of these situations apply to you, then you should give programs for the activity server rights. If none of the above examples applies to you, it is not recommended that you allow any program to have server rights. Allowing a program to have server rights means that an outside connection can access your computer through that program.

    At any time in the future, you can always change the setting of the program to give it &quot;server rights&quot; by going to Program Control (left-hand column) &gt; select the Programs tab &gt; highlight the program you wish to give &quot;server rights&quot; &gt; click on the &quot;X&quot; under &quot;Server&quot; and click &quot;Allow&quot; in the little box that pops up.<hr>Specifically - some of the programs that may need server rights are: some Instant Messaging
    services like 'Skype' , Messenger Live 8.1,Voice-over-Internet, etc. / on-line gaming - XBox live, Playstaion 2-3, RPG PC games, etc.
    / if you listen to or view certain
    -streaming audio/and or video programs
    - like listening to PC radio(AOL,Napster,etc.) Real Player, QuickTime ,Windows Media Player to listen to music or download and watch video / some Chat rooms / Web meeting...

    One of the great things about ZoneAlarm firewalls, is the precise program control - that a user has - For instance if you play on-line video games - you have those programs with server rights - but when your not playing - you can reduce privileges- RED X server rights, and internet access - which stops any attempts by hackers to get in thru those programs that had previously been granted server rights=easy access.<hr>Also see this -
    - go thru the list of program settings and make sure you are in synch. Make sure all the slim devices/ slim server programs -
    have three green bars -super trust level
    &gt; Acess - two green checks &gt;Server -
    two green checks

    &gt; Mail - ' ? '. Better to use IE 6-7
    instead of firefox.<hr>If you have any other anti-spyware like Webroot Spysweeper or SpywareDoctor with their real-time protection - shields/ guards, etc. you want
    to turn them off. For more info - right click ZA tray icon &gt; see &quot;Help&quot; this is your User Guide -
    check in Troubleshooting &gt;Third-party software &gt;streaming media programs<hr>If
    changing to server permissions do not work - 1 - Please try this, temporarily,
    putting your ZA's Firewall &gt; Main &gt; Internet Zone Security - change from High to Medium does the trick. &lt;&lt;&lt;
    2 - Sometimes it's temporarily shutting off the anti-virus portion(only) . Remember to return to High position afterwards.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 7-15-07 - Listen To The Music - The Doobie Brothers

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    ddrx Guest

    Default Re: Slim Server Compatability Issue with Official Vista Release

    I followed all of the uninstall instructions when I uninstalled the beta. I have also tried everything else you suggest in your post. Nothing works. There are a few other people on the slim devices forum who have the same problem. They describe the same symptoms. Going from beta to official release causes slim server to stop working. They are content to give up on ZoneAlarm and use the Windows
    firewall and a different anti-virus solution until the issue is discovered and resolved, but I want to continue using ZoneAlarm since it is already paid for. Any other ideas? Thanks

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Slim Server Compatability Issue with Official Vista Release

    Best thing to do, is e-mail ZA Tech Support - tell them entire situation - they need to know so
    ZA code writers can &quot;fix&quot; the issue -
    . Who knows maybe the have a work-around or fix; then it would be nice to post back the solution for others.<hr>Go back to slim devices forum, post and 'ask' other users with the same situation to also send an e-mail to ZA Tech support; the more the better, yes.
    Copy the ZA Tech form URL so they can do it easily. While your there ask/e-mail their tech support about a fix - from there end. Sorry I couldn't offer you a real solution, but getting the word out will help.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC - 7-16-07 - Give It To Me - Nelly Furtado, J. Timberlake, Timbaland

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default ddrx - question for you?

    On a long shot, open ZA &gt; Firewall &gt; Main &gt; Trusted Zone = should be Medium, right? Next Question- sitll in there, see 'Advanced' &gt; General Settings - &quot;Block trusted servers&quot; and 'Block Internet servers' are both unchecked right? Just a shot in the dark, I've read
    something on some other post; but if you answer, yes you do have the two check marks in the Advanced section - please post your answer, either way.<hr>:0NaiveMelody NYC 7-22-07 - Put Your Records On - Corinne Bailey Rae

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    ddrx Guest

    Default Re: ddrx - question for you?

    Trusted Zone Security is at Med. &quot;Block trusted servers&quot; and 'Block Internet servers' are both unchecked. Zone Alarm technical support has not been able to provide me with any suggestions that I have not already tried. I am about to give up and go back to XP Professional. I've been fairly disappointed and unimpressed with Vista so far, so this gives me yet another reason to go back to XP. Vista just feels like a bloated piece of software that trips over itself. It makes XP pro feel extremely lean and nimble. Thanks for your help.

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